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John and Venus



Smoke Composites was founded by John Omohundro. John lives in Nevada and has a passion for the outdoors, hunting and shooting.  John is a third generation composite manufacturer following in the foot steps of his grandfather and father.  John’s grandfather, Paul started a composite design and manufacturing company in 1948, a true pioneer in the industry.

Smoke Composites design and manufacturing team have carried on that tradition working with composites primarily in the defense industry specializing in radomes, covers for radar or broad banded electro-magnetic windows for radar on missile heads, and nose cones for jet fighters.  These parts, having to not only perform electrically and aerodynamically, must also be impact resistant to rain and other airborne particulate at speeds over 4,000 feet per second.  The materials and methods used were determined by the requirements of the products to be lightweight, strong, and have ideal flex characteristics to withstand intense physical forces and heat, very similar requirements for AR15 gun components.

Smoke Composites translated their experience in advanced composite construction techniques and applied them to the gun industry.  Their expert knowledge in composites provides Smoke Composites the ability to create a superior product compared to traditional practices in the industry.  Smoke has developed the lightest and strongest carbon fiber hand guards, gun stocks, and auxiliary components in the industry today.

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