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Ultralight Finger Stop with QD Mount_edi
Ultralight Finger Stop
with QD Mount

WEIGHT (with hardware)            12g           0.42oz

NOTE: Finger stop does not include swivel 


Buttpad Pic 2.jpg
Enhanced Rubber Buttpad Upgrade  

When purchased with our either our open or closed buttstock this Enhanced Rubber Buttpad upgrade adds .500" to the LOP (even though the buttpad states .700") 

***Because we modify the buttplate on our stocks to accept our enhanced buttpad, the buttpad needs to be ordered at the same time as the stock.  The buttpad will not fit on stocks without this enhanced profile.

WEIGHT                                     44g           1.55oz

NOTE: When you purchase a Rifle Length Stock we shorten the stock so that when the rubber buttpad is added, the overall LOP remains the same as our standard rifle length buttstock (11.00").